We put great execution with great people ahead of great ideas

Our Journey

Great ideas are worthless without execution. Successful computer software is no different.

Regardless of how excellent a software idea is, it can never succeed without a reliable, robust and cost-effective system behind it.
At yyResearch, we never lack ideas, but deep down we know that we can never drive these ideas to fruition without good execution and good people. In pursuit of our mission to create systems that improve the efficiency of human interaction, we are hard at work developing a foundation platform that is reliable, secure, robust, massively scalable, and delivers high performance, high availability using minimal bandwidth at low running cost. We can support over 1 billion users with a daily transaction rate of 100 billion transactions across a spectrum of mobile devices. We cannot promise which of our ideas will become a great success, but we are using our foundation platform to explore multiple ideas quickly at low cost.

About us


Our mission is to create systems that improve the efficiency of human interaction while acknowledging and respecting people’s preferences and control over their data.


Our founder has a proven track record. He previously founded, ran, and later sold, a UK-based electronic trading technology provider. The company continues to be extremely profitable today.


yyResearch is a well-funded start-up company operated by a group of experienced technologists with proven track records in creating real-time mission critical electronic trading systems. Over the last seventeen years, our work has reliably and efficiently supported system transactions worth billions of dollars on a daily basis. The reward is in the journey and we continue to have great fun doing what we are doing now.

What we do


OpusChat (www.opuschat.app) is a privacy-focused mobile communications app which allows you to communicate and share media under different social contexts like work, family and hobbies all within one application. It runs on our massively scalable cloud platform designed to efficiently support high transaction rates from millions of users at a very low running cost. We build and optimise everything in house - from server infrastructure to the mobile/desktop clients.

Job openings

iOS/C++ Engineer (from Trainee to Senior)

OpusChat is a privacy-focused chat app which seamlessly integrates multiple personas into a single account. You may create or destroy personas as you please, associate friends and acquaintances with your various personas, and assign specific preferences to them based on your privacy requirements.

OpusChat runs on our massively scalable cloud platform designed to efficiently support high transaction rates from millions of users at a very low running cost. We build and optimise everything in house - from server infrastructure to the mobile/desktop clients.

We are looking for engineers to join our team. Depending on the skill set of the candidate, he/she will take on a number of roles, which will have a direct impact on the outcome of the OpusChat product.


  • Software Development
  • Features - client-side Swift / C++ programs to run on iOS and Linux systems
  • Automation - using shell scripts and other tools to automate our builds, simulations and tests

On-the-job training is provided and you will have the opportunity to progress to a senior developer or lead role in the long term.


  • Diploma/Degree program in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Recent graduates are welcomed
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Working level of English


  • Competitive salary, HK$18,000 - HK$35,000 depending on experience and skills set
  • 5 day work week
  • 20 days annual leave
  • Medical insurance
  • Company outings

We offer a cheerful and enjoyable working environment. We promote openness and respect. If you would like to work in a non-political and technically focused company, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us on OpusChat!

We will only accept candidates who are allowed to work in Hong Kong without any visa requirement.

Get in touch

In yyResearch, we will make the most out of your technical potential. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We insist on elegantly engineered systems instead of patchy short-term solutions. We strive to produce systems that provide real value to people instead of earning a quick buck. We are a software company that develops high scalability, high availability, high performance systems to service our users. The depth and the breadth of our systems span from lower level fault tolerant networking to fault tolerant servers, from distributed databases to distributed storage clusters. In pursuit of perfection, we develop our systems in a mixture of C++, Java, Swift and Objective-C depending on the technical characteristics of the components required. We are a group of computer technologists who are truly passionate about computer technology.
We are always looking for like-minded people to join us, if you are a strong computer technologist, we would love to hear from you. We are currently in search for programmers with a strong C++ skills as server/system programmers, Swift/Objective-C skills as iOS developers and Java skills as Android developers. Any experience in large scale distributed systems, multithreading, TCP/IP communication, fault tolerant database or fault tolerant data storage skills will be a big plus.

Feel free to contact us on OpusChat if you would like to join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
Main Office
yyResearch Limited
Room 904, C C Wu Building, 302-8 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3489 6677